I’m cutting trying to picture your black broken heart.

Love is not like anything.

Especially a fucking knife!

the more you look at it the more things move

I wish we were forever lying on the Santa Monica beach. Drinking Tecate 24oz underneath the stars. Being the superior couple, loving who I am cause what we are.


The Wonder Years by Anam Merchant on Flickr.

when youre at a concert does it suddenly hit you at random moments that the band are real people and not just pictures on the internet

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Write this on my tombstone

A suicide note found nailed to one of the trees in Japan’s famous Aokigahara forest, also known as suicide forest where up to 100 people go to take their lives each year.

People saying “he has risen” like no, no he hasn’t


Moravian Bookshop, Bethlehem PA.
The oldest bookstore in the world.

Fave place since I was a kid

you’re so last summer- taking back sunday


"hey! you can only have one!!"


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